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Attributes of God (Content)

  • Foreword
  • Attributes of God’ Epitomized in Mool Mantra
  • God’s Attributes and Man’s Qualities
  • The Relationship of Lord-God with Soul
  • God is Truth-jiva must be Truthful
  • God is Immaculate-jiva must be Pure
  • God is Love-jiva must Love Him
  • God is Gracious and Merciful-jiva must be Kind and Helpful
  • God is without Fear and Enmity-jiva must be without Fear and Enmity
  • God is the Giver and Generous-jiva must be Charitable and Helpful to Needy
  • God is the Pardoner and the Forgiver-jiva must Exonerate the Repentent
  • God is Just and Equitable-jiva must be Just and Upright
  • God is Good and Beautiful-jiva must be Good and Elegant
  • God has Sweet Speech-jiva must Speak Sweetly

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