bad behavior

About Bad Behavior

  • In a highly graphic and incredibly well written book of short stories, Gaitskill creates a picture of sociopathy.
  • In this collection of 9 short stories, Gaitskill runs the gamut of human bad behaviors.
  • From College Girls and Prospective Writers practicing prostitution, to lesbianism, to homosexuality, to adultery, to just plain inappropriate social conduct, Gaitskill gives us an up close and personal look at the seemlier side of human interaction.
  • With a particularly well constructed style, each story uses incredible sentence structure, well placed profanity and illustrative descriptions of people doing the things that no one admits to doing.
  • Each story deals with a different type of aberrant activity.
  • The book culminates with a brilliantly written story, “Heaven” that describes the disintegration of an entire family.
  • First one child then the next and finally the death of one is only followed by suffering and pain for all involved.
  • Everyone gets divorced except the parents. Yet the parents see their children as failures, and thus themselves as failures as well.
  • While the book is not for the faint of heart, it is superb.
  • It is strongly recommended for all readers who wish to see behind the curtain of facade, into the real life activities of so many men and women today.


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