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About Breaking Dawn

Every single one of the books in this beloved series is absolutely stunning! This fourth and last one wraps everything up in a very satisfying way, while delivering a solid story in Meyer’s signature style, which is so riveting, it continues to gain new fans for the series.

Edward and Bella’s storybook wedding at the Cullen house, and their subsequent honeymoon on a lush tropical island off the coast of Brazil (Carlisle’s gift to his wife, Esme), mark the very romantic beginning of the novel. Everything is deceptively peaceful….

Then Bella becomes pregnant, thus setting off the novel’s central conflict, for the child grows very quickly, putting her life in danger. Edward and Jacob both want her to have an abortion. She refuses, enlisting Rosalie’s help in keeping that from happening.

Bella finally comes into her own in this novel. All her clumsiness is gone; she is now as graceful as a gazelle. And, as a newborn vampire, she’s also stronger than even Emmett, easily beating him in several arm-wrestling contests, much to his chagrin. Yet, she’s still the Bella that all of us fans have come to know and love, who is heroically self-sacrificing, deeply cherishes her loved ones, and who now turns into a fierce protector of her unusually gifted daughter.

It’s a very exciting and romantic love story, hard to put down once you start reading it, Shows pure love and true friendship keeps twilight at a whole new level. 

I would highly recommend this book, as well as the entire saga to everyone, It is very well written.


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Breaking Dawn

2 Twilight Saga (Five book set

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