codex seraphinianus

About Codex Seraphinianus 

  • It is Highly Mysterious art book.
  • All Examples are given of non existing things.
  • There are big, beautiful drawings accompanied by Unreadable(unclear) letter forms, and it is impossible to “read” in a literal way.
  • The text has remained a mystery all these years.
  • This book is written in fiction language, Published 1 edition of this book in 1981, which is written by Luigi Serafini.
  • All Bizarre Images are Art by author.
  • Luigi Serafini is an architect, ceramist, glazier, painter, sculptor, designer, opera director, set designer, and critic who works in Italy and abroad.
  • This is an extremely interesting book, It will caught your attention till the end.
  • All the illustrations ​are so creative, out-of-box kind of content.


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Length: 371

Size: 53MB


Paperback Edition:

codex seraphinianus