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About She Comes First

  • She Comes First is a virtual encyclopedia of female pleasure, detailing dozens of tried-and-true techniques for consistently satisfying a woman and ensuring that sexual fulfillment is mutual.
  • This book was written by a man who truly understands the essentials of how to please a woman sexually. 
  • This book is a ‘must read’ for both men and women who want to know more about how to potentiate female sexual response,develop intimacy and deepen both emotion and physical bonds.
  • By reading this book you’ll be learning specific ways you can truly pleasure the woman already in your life or your prospective partner. 
  • Women and men both can learn from this book more details about female physiology related to arousal and sexuality and what is actually ‘normal’ for most women.
  • Learning how to be an attentive, astute loving and skilled lover takes time and practice. Every woman is unique in her sexual expression. Having the willingness to admit that you don’t know ‘everything,’ be open, enjoy being ‘teachable’ and to ‘experiment’ with using the knowledge from this book will definitely lead you down the path towards a happy and mutually satisfying intimate relationship.


  • Very detailed information on how to please the lady in your life. Explains in detail how to help her achieve the good O she deserves! 
  • Required reading for all men who are dating and all women who are wondering why they’re not satisfied.
  • For beginners, this book will guarantee your partner will be taken to new heights of pleasure that she could not have imagined were possible. For seasoned oral fans, it will take you skills to a higher level that will surprise and delight your partner.


** I also uploaded the Digital edition of this book, But I want to suggest you that please try to Read this Book from Paperback(Physical book) Edition which can gives you the ultimate joy of touching the letters printed in carbon on a page, feeling the texture of pages of a book and holding it in different styles is just priceless. Apart from that, you can sniff books, you can feel em, kiss em, that smell of new book etc…. which are not possible with E-books..

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Length: 230

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