cross dressing

About Cross dressing With Dignity

  • Cross-dressing With Dignity, now in its second edition, continues where Dr. Peggy Rudd’s first book, My Husband Wears My Clothes, ended.
  • Cross-dressing with dignity is a book addressing the emotions that surface when men cross gender lines.
  • Is society ready for men who openly express femininity? Can men transcend gender lines and maintain their sense of self-worth and dignity?  Am I gay?  Do I want to become a woman or a man?
  • These are many of the questions asked to over 850 cross-dressers (men & Women) worldwide in a survey used as the basis of this book. 
  • Is it possible to cross gender lines imposed by society and maintain a sense of dignity and self-worth.
  • This book may provide answers to many of the questions and concerns of cross-dressers.
  • This is a thoughtfully written book on a subject matter that is too often misunderstood or ignored, leading to unnecessary pain and continued ignorance, on the part of the mainstream population.
  • Reading the words of the people involved and learning about their challenges is a tremendous value to both the layperson and the psycho-therapeutic practitioner. This isn’t a disease to combat.
  • It is a good book for all but I would especially recommend to younger people who feel closer to the opposite gender.


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