delta of venus

About Delta of Venus

  • Delta of venus  is a collection of short erotic stories written in what would now be a very dated manner.
  • In a way the book illustrates the changing outlook on consensual sex.
  • It represents a new approach to an old literary form.
  • Erotica has occupied the minds of women and men since the human race was created.
  • Anais Nin has taken the telling of this style of entertainment to a new level.
  • Unlike some recent releases about the sexual relationships between men and women, the writing does follow the rules of grammar without losing any of the excitment and intensity of the images the words create.
  • It was written in a time when sensual was sexual and it definitely shows through.
  • Although the language in the book is quaint due to the era in which it was written, it is still lushly erotic and perfect for reading to your significant other.
  • Anais Nin’s writing style draws the reader into a private world of erotic pleasures, with detailed yet tasteful descriptions of wonderfully sensual scenes.


  • She doesn’t just concentrate on sex, she writes about feelings, longings, relationships, fidelity and infidelity making the stories jump out at you and become so much more than just an erotic tale.
  • But most importantly, Anais understood that sex is nothing without emotion, and it’s the emotions of her myriad characters that cause the reader to turn happily florid with every page.
  • A non stop chain of erotic encounters recounted with a perception and sensitivity only a woman can express.
  • Mature, imaginative people will highly enjoy it. It is far superior to any more recent products.
  • This is a book for those of us who like erotica but are sick of the poor execution of the written word.
  • I would recommend this for people who are interested in human sexuality.


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