About Eclipse

  • Eclipse is the Third book in the ‘Twilight Series’ and most thrilling one. It don’t let’s readers to skip any page, any sentence or even any phrase.
  • This book’s genre is fantasy fiction and this is a paranormal romance between a human and a vampire. There are many twists and turns in this book.
  • Victoria, a vampire whose partner was killed by Cullen’s in the first part decides to take a revenge against Edward by killing his mate, Bella. But it was impossible for her alone to pick a fight against Cullen family so she decides to make a army of newborn vampires.
  • On the other hand Jacob, the werewolf realizes that he is in love with Bella and he tries to convince Bella to leave Edward and accept him as her mate as he is a better option than a cold – skinned vampire.
  • In this process he forcefully kissed Bella and he punched him in return as a result of that Bella’s hand got fractured.
  • Later they come to know by Alice’s power to see future that an army of new vampires is coming to kill Bella.
  • To save her from danger vampires and werewolves forget their fight for a while and join forces.
  • Jasper, who was once in such army trains them to fight against new vampires. After a furious fight they win the battle but Jacob gets injured and later he accepts that he will not interfere in Bella’s decision in choosing Edward as her partner.
  • This book is a roller coaster ride with some romantic scenes when Edward proposes Bella for marriage.
  • This book is all you need if you are looking for a thriller romance.


Sequence Of Twilight Saga Series






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