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Every Student Should Read These Best Books at Least Once, Throughout His/Her Life

When you will read these books in your life than you will feel that “why you doesn’t read it before”. After read these best books your all troubles will be end. These books will change your Life.

These types of  beautiful books are very less in this world. If you read these books once, it means you doesn’t read these books. Because For understand any type of books, you should read it at least Seven to Eight times.

After read seven to eight times, that book will vent in your blood. Means your thinking will be change of like that book.

PDF files  are available of these books on our Site. But I want to suggest you that please try to read these books with hardbook or hardcopy. Also suggest you to Read these books serial wise which I shown below.




best books

  • In this book 07 fundamental techniques there, through which you can impress people. Other than this if you follow these techniques than people will accept you as a leader.
  • You will know 06 methods, if you will follow these six methods in your life than people will like you.
  • You will know 12 methods, if you follow these methods in your life than you can easily persuade people by your words.


2)   THINK AND GROW RICH, By Napoleon Hill.

  • Special thing of  this book is that it was written in 20 years.
  • In this book Napoleon hill told us 13 principle, if you follow these principles in your life than you will get success definitely.
  • And also tell us 30 cause, because of any people get unsuccessful.
  • 6 steps are given in this book, if you follow these 6 steps than you can earn money as much as you want. 


3)   LAWS OF SUCCESS, By Napoleon Hill.

  • This books is very important for school students. I suggest that this book  should be include in every school’s curriculum.
  • This book described that you cannot get success with only positive attitude, you also have to give your dedication with your full power to get success.



  • Its language is easy, where lots of examples are given.
  • In this book also define the way of  how to float those principles in your life, which I was talking about above.

5)   AS A MAN THINKETH, By James Allen.

  • The principle of this book is, Suppose human is a Gardener and his brain is garden. If Gardener doesn’t Proper care of his Garden and doesn’t plant good seeds than Weed grows on its own.
  •  In this book define that how to regulate our thoughts with the help of given methods. So what do we do for that our negative thought will vent out and positive thoughts comes inside.
  • James Allen gives practical solution of that, What is the real meaning of positive attitude, you will know actully.


6)   SEE YOU AT THE TOP, By Zig Ziglar.

  • In this book Zig Ziglar tells step by step methods, If you follow these Methods step by step as per Zig Ziglar than you will be successful ultimately.
  • He also define that how to leave your bad habits and how to accept good habits.
  • It is very useful book for you, if you are in First year of your graduation.


7)   RICH DAD POOR DAD, By Robert Kiyosak.

  • when you reads this book than you will known that why rich people being more rich and why poor people being more poor.
  • This book tells us that We Should not do any work for do, while should do any  work for learn.
  • And also tell that how to use the Money actually.


8)   CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL(SERIES), By Jack Canfield & Mark Hansen.

  • Actually Chicken Soup is a book of series which have 240 books.
  • In this book short stories are there which is written by people.
  • Every book of this series are different for different people. Just like if you are Student than you can read “Chicken Soup For Student Soul”.
  • If You are Teenager Than you can read “Chicken Soup For Teenager Soul”.
  • If you are Teacher than you can read “Chicken Soup For Teacher Soul” Etc..
  • Due to short stories, It takes 10 minutes on reading any story.
  • They have shown Practical and to the point approach.
  • In china, Chicken Soup For The Soul Series is use to learn English. There is no English literature in his curriculum.
  • With the help of this series, the speed of learn English will increase very fast.


9)   THE 80/20 PRINCIPLE, By Richard Koch.

  • After reading this book, you will understand that which 20%  job are there whose output is 80% . so you should give your 80% Focus on those 20% work Which Output is 80%.
  • After reading this book you will not have Lack of time in your Life..


10) THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLE, By Jack Canfield.

  • After reading  this book, you will not understand that what was the think in this book which you didn’t know Already. But you will feel that if you know already about these all things than why you didn’t do it.


11) THE POWER OF LESS, By Leo Babauta.

  • After read this book your Productivity/Creativeness will be maximum.
  • This book Learns you in practical way that how to utilize you Money and Time.
  • If today you have got your First salary than this is the best time of read this book.


12) BRAIN RULES, By John Medina.

  • After read this book, you will understand that how is your mind works actually. you will also understand that
  • How much you should sleeping, How much you should do exercise, How to deal with your stress, How to increase your concentration, How to improves your memory and All of those activities which will Sharp your Mind.

13) 48 LAWS OF POWER, By Robert Greene.

  • After read this book you will understanding of worldliness.
  • In this world some people are Good and some people are impaired. But these impaired people will try to harm you, even they doesn’t have any benefit yet you harm. The major problem is that we cannot identify them, you will identifies these type of people when they have harms you already.
  • There are 48 laws of power in this book to deal with these impaired people. But You have to follow every law. There are lots of examples given in this book.

14) MASTERY, By Robert Greene.

  • After read this book you will understand that how to identify your own potential  and what will do for identify your own potential. 
  • 6 principle inside this book, If you follow letter and sprit  of these principle than you will be done that job for which you are born.
  • Its English language is Easy but using of vocabulary is very hard.


15) ZERO TO ONE, By Peter Thiel.

  • The great secret of our time is that there are still uncharted frontiers to explore and new inventions to create. In Zero to One, famous entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we can find singular ways to create those new things.
  • Zero to One presents at once an optimistic view of the future of progress in America and a new way of thinking about innovation:
  • It starts by learning to ask the questions that lead you to find value in unexpected places.