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About Fifty Shades Darker

  • The best book among three books of fifty shades .. love! Love! Loved their chemistry. .. Christian changes a lot.. the book full fill the expectations of Christian love towards Ana.. his possessive nature.. his fear to lose Ana.  
  • His struggle of expressing his feelings.…his proposal of marriage. . Every thing is just awesome.
  • Apart from that.. there is a thrilling story.. attack of jack Hyde… attack of ex submissive. . The helicopter crash .. is fearful ..
  • The story of enigmatic Christian Grey and beautiful Anastasia Steele will take you on new heights and you’ll be staggered by outrageous but addictive Fifty Shades Darker.
  • This novel will indeed obsess you, posses you and make you fall in love with it.
  • The feelings, the fears, the excitement and the experimental paths taken by Anastasia and Christian will make you fall in love with them.
  • The intimate and the erotic sequence with unconventional love story will keep you binded with it.!
  • This book is strictly recommended only to adults, because the content is highly erotic.. Very erotic and explicit !..


Fifty Shades Trilogy Series Sequence





** I also uploaded the Digital edition of this book, But I want to suggest you that please try to Read this Book from Paperback(Physical book) Edition which can gives you the ultimate joy of touching the letters printed in carbon on a page, feeling the texture of pages of a book and holding it in different styles is just priceless. Apart from that, you can sniff books, you can feel em, kiss em, that smell of new book etc…. which are not possible with E-books..

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Length: 373

Size: 3MB


Paperback Edition:

1 Fifty-Shades Darker

2 Fifty-Shades of Grey Series (Fifty Shades of Grey / Fifty Shades Darker / Fifty Shades Freed)

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