rhonda byrne

About Hero By Rhonda Byrne

  • Hero is a motivational book to inspire people and make them realize that real power lies within themselves.
  • Story of twelve successful people’s impossible journey covered in this book.
  • Author explained in such a way that will help us to understand what exactly we want to do in life and how to do it.
  • It gives the reader inspiration in life about situations many people have faced and is filled with wise words.
  • Book quality is very good, When you hold the book it says like read me. 
  • The hardcover and the pages gives the premium hard pages feel when you hold the book.
  • Even when you are not reading the book you still want to hold the book just because of the feeling which it gives.
  • Images quality and the colors used in this books are awesome.
  • I definitely recommend this book for people who need inspiration in life.


Digital Edition: ClickHere 1   ClickHere 2

Password: ebooksheart4u

Length: 171

Size: 5MB


Paperback Edition:

1 English Version

2 Hindi Version (option for India)

rhonda byrne