husband wearing wife’s clothes

About Husband Wearing Wife’s Clothes Stories

  • “Tonight, I am going to dress you up as a woman and you are going to be exactly that, a woman.” She said.
  • “But, what if I resist and don’t want to?” He said defiantly.
  • “Well, then I will just have to post the video of you wearing women’s clothes that I caught on my cell phone last week.” She then held up her cell phone and showed him the video.
  • “This will go out on the internet, to friends, co-workers and family members, then I will file for divorce and take full custody of our son, if you do not do what I say tonight.” She said in a commanding and dominant voice.
  • Andrew knew he had no choice. He had to listen to his wife. He didn’t want to lose her, his son or his marriage or to have anyone know about his cross dressing secret.
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