my husband wears my clothes

About My Husband Wears My Clothes

  • My Husband Wears My Clothes is the first book to be written by the wife of a crossdresser.
  • “Clothes don’t make the man” has a new meaning.
  • Dr. Rudd addresses many of the questions frequently asked by the spouses, families, and friends of men who cross gender lines and candidly explores the related emotions that range from frustration to elation.
  • Dr. Peggy Rudd, describes both the positives and many of the concerns and problems faced by wives and partners of crossdressers and transgendered individuals and suggests solutions.
  • This book is a “must read” for anyone in a trans-gendered relationship or anyone interested in the phenomenon of men and women who cross gender lines.
  • This book is frequenlty the first book to be read when a spouse or partner discovers that her/his partner is a crossdresser. Yes, there are many women who are crossdressers!
  • She advises a wife in this book that she has the power to make this man happy.
  • It can give you some new ideas to try the matter, and how you can face with you wife the necessity to cross-dress.
  • this an easy read with some useful information to someone who wants to learn more about themselves or their partner.



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