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About Losing My Virginity and other Dumb Ideas

  • The book deals with the story of a thirty-year-old virgin who has a successful professional career but is still a virgin.
  • After a long and failed pursuit of finding true love, the protagonist decides to lose her virginity without bothering about love.
  • Kaveri, the protagonist of the novel, is a 29-year-old, who is soon turning 30.
  • She is a single woman who is in search of her true love that has eluded her this far, She is an interpreter by profession and has mastered seven languages.
  • She has read many books on men and how to land a date, yet she struggles to find a perfect partner.
  • Her friend Aditi, who is quite experienced in terms of love and relationships, offers to help her by arranging dates for Kaveri.
  • After a slew of unsuccessful dates, she does finally end up in a relationship.
  • Kaveri is standing at the start of her thirties, utterly frustrated.
  • Deciding to waste no more time, Kaveri wants to lose her virginity with or without love.
  • Upon this new aim, Kaveri meets her partner and loses her virginity. But matters don’t end there. She has to undergo a frustrating relationship that shatters all her notion of true love.
  • The story resonates with the lives of quite a few modern Indian women – who in the quest to make it big in their careers give no space to “love” as such and end up satisfying their mere sexual needs with different partners, only to realize sooner or later that “love” cannot be ruled out of life.
  • It is a fantastic novel, Good story, good twist and best of all keeps you glued to the book.


  • Madhuri Banerjee is an author, blogger, screenplay writer, ad-film director and columnist from India. She runs her own production house, Gray Matter Solution.


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Length: 216


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