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About Masters of Sex

  • Now a New Showtime Original Series Showtime’s dramatic series Masters of Sex , starring Michael Sheen and Lizzy Ca-plan, is based on this real-life story of sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson.
  • The book covers the personalities of Masters and Johnson with great detail as well as the trials and tribulations of the largest sexual study up to that point in time.
  • Entertaining, revealing, and beautifully told, Masters of Sex sheds light on the eternal mysteries of desire, intimacy, and the American psyche.
  • The book is excellent on its own, but it is particularly useful for those who have watched the Showtime adaptation, “Masters of Sex.”
  • It provides the factual basis the overall story.
  • This helps the viewer to distinguish what is known about the couple and the sometimes fanciful elaborations concocted by script writers charged with keeping viewers interested.
  • Masters of Sex is fascinating, well-researched, and brilliantly written.
  • It is a high-brow biography that occasionally deals with science and complicated terms.
  • The author does a pretty good job of explaining everything, but if you’re not all that interested in science and research, this probably isn’t the book for you.
  • If you are shy, you’re not going to love this book. It is very straightforward, very candid. (But if you’re reading a book called “Masters of Sex”, you probably aren’t that shy.)
  • If you’re interested in reading this because you enjoy the television show, be aware that it’s really more of a historical biography than a juicy novel. (Although there are juicy bits) The show does, however, remain relatively accurate and is based somewhat closely on this book.


  • Thomas Maier tells the whole story about the world-famous duo who revolutionized the societal view of human sexuality.
  • After Kinsey’s groundbreaking work, which was based on testimony in interviews, Dr. Masters and his colleague, Virginia Johnson, gave scientific authenticity to their study by recording real-time measurements of vital symptoms during sexual congress.



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