About Mastery

  • Around the globe, people are facing the same problem – that we are born as individuals but are forced to conform to the rules of society if we want to succeed.
  • To see our uniqueness expressed in our achievements, we must first learn the rules – and then how to change them completely.
  • Best book ever for understanding the path of mastery, At the end of every chapter a strong and useful advice to drive the point home. If you are into any profession or process where you are a creator and want to excel, look no further and read this book.
  • After read this book you will understand that how to identify your own potential  and what will do for identify your own potential. 
  • 6 principle inside this book, If you follow letter and sprit  of these principle than you will be done that job for which you are born.
  • Its English language is Easy but using of vocabulary is very hard.


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