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About Men Can Wear Dresses Too

  • Over half a century later, a young boy stared into a mirror and saw himself cross-dressed for the first time.
  • Catie Maye’s tale, a true story and cultural exploration of what it means to be a transvestite.
  • It’s a story that explores the parallel lives of the cross-dresser, hiding the truth from others, lying to protect that oh-so-necessary form of self-expression, and battling the depression that takes root from the need for deceit.
  • As part of looking to understand himself, Catie dives deep into the studies and statistics surrounding cross-dressing.
  • He reveals the surprising truth of just how many cross-dressers are married, how many of them are open with their spouses, and how few of them consider it a sexual fetish.
  • As Catie says, “I don’t dress to attract men (or women). I don’t do it for any reason other than to relax. Cross-dressing gets me out of myself. I don’t want to be cured because there is nothing wrong with me. I won’t ever stop.”


  • The simple question is that men who wants to wears women clothes is mentally troubled. And women who wear pants, slacks and many men’s wear as fashion or style.
  • But if a man who wants to wear a skirt or dress in public. Basically its illegal or crime. Why this person many answers to these questions.
  • In the 1950’s or 1940’s its was illegal for women to wear pants or slacks or any clothes of man.
  • But in the 1960’s things changed for women their demanded equally rights. But their sets of standard change or adapted for women. But those rights for men were held back.
  • It’s okay for a girl to be a tomboy. But its not true for a boy to be girly. I think its okay for girls explore their limits. But its not okay for boys it one or two sets standards. It is still the standards that dresses for a male is wrong.
  • Rather than trying to define the cross-dresser, Catie’s goal is to dispel “the myths, social untruths, and pieces of pure gossip and help promote a societal understanding of “whom and what we are.”
  • If you have ever wondered, questioned, debated, and doubted, believe that Men Can Wear Dresses Too.


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