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About Love and Sex

  • Mistakes Like Love And Sex is the story of Kaveri’s search for satisfaction from her job and love life.
  • After a failed inter-racial relationship Kaveri returns to her motherland, India, to focus on her career and find love.
  • She tries to establish herself as an artist but gets sidetracked with teaching a budding actress how to speak in Hindi.
  • She is nowhere near finding her ideal man either and has romantic episodes with a hot Bollywood star and an older man too.
  • Mistakes Like Love And Sex documents the journey of a young woman who sees her dreams coming true.
  • Find out in this book that will fill your heart with hope and make you believe that it is possible to achieve anything you want if you stay focused.
  • This one is the best one to read. She is just awesome with her writing.
  • You can actually feel the expressions and she has quoted some very good statements which could make you re-think how you are trying work out some or other things in your life.
  • The story is much more than that and it’s simply beautiful.
  • It will make a you feel stronger and also make you optimistic..
  • It’s a book that will keep you glued to it till the last chapter.


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Length: 148

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