a monster calls

About A Monster Calls

  • The bestselling novel about love, loss and hope from the twice Carnegie Medal-winning Patrick Ness.
  • A Monster Calls is about a boy, a very troubled young boy with many troubles in his life.
  • This book will make you cry, With both relief and sadness at the same time.
  • It will make you laugh, but at the most inappropriate places. Not because it is funny, But because it is true.
  • I strongly recommend it to all kids (even adults) who have recently stepped into the reading world.
  • This is one book you definitely should start with. It will tear your heart to pieces and at the same time make you realize the value of the loved ones in our lives whom many a times we take for granted.
  • This book won’t have happy memories and fun moments like we expect kids books to have, but it will definitely teach kids the importance of TRUTH.


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a monster calls