new moon

About New Moon

  • This book series presents a unique love story that goes beyond all conventional aspects and portrays a bond that is eternal.
  • The story revolves around Bella Swan and her relationship with the vampire Edward Cullen.
  • New Moon is the dramatic sequel to Twilight, following the tale of teenage Bella’s chaste romance with Edward, a beautiful vampire boy.
  • This story doesn’t allow the readers to skip any page, sentence or word.
  • This unique love story will make you fall in love with the vampire and the teenager.
  • Things are in a good taste at the beginning of the novel and Bella is enjoying her love life with Edward. But however things start unravelling on her 18th birthday when her birthday party is turned into a battle.
  • After this incident, Edward becomes distant to Bella and then decides to tell her that he and his family are leaving Forks, never to return and he no longer wants to see her in his life.
  • Edward is Bella’s whole world and his abandonment leaves her broken into several pieces.
  • She tries to put herself into danger so that she can hear Edward commanding her to stop from doing any stupid activity which would risk her life.
  • Although the pain of Edward’s departure never leaves Bella, Jacob soon becomes Bella’s best friend during her darkest period of her life and tries to fill some of her voids.


  • Another twist unfolds when Edward realises that Bella has lost her life by falling off a cliff and thinks that now there’s no point of living in a world without Bella. And so he decides to provoke the Volturi (A powerful vampire clan) so that they can kill him.
  • But later, Bella and Alice set on a journey to save Edward from losing his life.


Sequence Of Twilight Saga Series






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