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About The Power

  • The-Power is just becoming a magnet itself to get everything in life..
  • Whenever situations and negatives grip you, this one really helps you by drifting your mind towards gratitude again..
  • The content inside is good and the quality of the book is really really good.
  • The hardcover and the pages inside the book really gives you the premium feel when you hold it in your hand.
  • This book snatches away all your negative shades, swings your mood into positive energy and Gives a different perspective of life.
  • Does The-Power work? Definitely, yes. 
    But there’s a way of reading the book.
    1. Unlearn. You won’t be able to practice the concepts until you unlearn what you already think you know, via science or even via your experience.
    2. Believe. Believe in the teacher – here the author is your teacher. Believe in what she is saying.
    3. Practice. You may not be able to extremely positive in first go. But if you keep trying, it will start making a difference in your life.
    4. Follow everything to the point. Repeat, Don’t rinse.
  • Rhonda comes down to earth and points out clearly where we have the scope to change and what we can do in our range.
  • She draws out the point in a beautiful way that you will fell in love with this book.
  • Read few pages of this book before sleep and you will land up in a deep sleep.
  • I highly recommend to those who have lost their faith on universe and on will surely help you to uplift your inner soul to find a world full of opportunities.


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Length: 262

Size: 32MB


Paperback Edition:

1 English Version

2 Hindi Version (Option for India only)

the power