pride and prejudice

About Pride and Prejudice

  • Title- Many of you might not be knowing that the title of the book was not Pride and Prejudice earlier.
  • The author wanted to give it a name ‘First Impressions’ because while creating the characters she studied them through their first impressions only so it made sense to the title.
  • But she while she was editing and re- writing her work she changed this and came up with Pride and Prejudice.
  • Plot- In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen creates a picture of the small, cocooned world of the middle class gentry — with their commonplace joys and their commonplace sorrows.
  • The central concern of this “comedy of manners” is Mrs. Bennet’s dogged efforts to find suitable husbands for her eldest daughters.
  • Of course, Mrs. Bennet’s judgements cannot be trusted, for she is a nagging wife, an ineffectual mother, and a social misfit throughout the novel.
  • Her repeated and continued foolishness is one of the things that holds the plot together into a unified whole.


  • The plot’s focus on marriage is seen from the very beginning of the story.
  • The arrival of Mr. Bingley, ‘a single man of large fortune’ at near-by Netherfield immediately fires the imagination of Mrs. Bennet.
  • An acquaintance is struck and what follows is a series of parties, balls, and teas, which are very essential to the plot; it is at these social gatherings that the four main characters –Bingley and Jane and Darcy and Elizabeth – are brought together.
  • They also serve to illustrate the culture, manners, fashions, pretensions, and snobberies of the English gentry at the time.

  • Themes- There are variety of themes which draws our attention. The first being the theme of Love.
  • Pride and Prejudice contains one of the most cherished love stories in English literature: the courtship between Darcy and Elizabeth.
  • The other theme is of reputation.
  • Here Lydia is the mouthpiece of the author.
  • When she elopes, the family feels betrayed and is more concerned about their reputation and status.
  • Even they are ready to disown their own daughter.
  • Further, the theme of class is related to reputation,in that both reflect the strictly regimented nature of life for the middle and upper classes in Regency England.


  • Characterisation- The author has done fabulous job in delineation of the characters.
  • She has added life to the characters.
  • Elizabeth is my favorite because she is so independent, headstrong and outspoken.
  • She refuses to marry for any reason other than love, even if that means she doesn’t end up marrying someone who can give her a better economic and social status.
  • She has her faults, but she is not afraid to admit to them when she knows she’s wrong.
  • Her mother and two of her younger sisters annoy her as much as they annoy me, and she can’t stand the snotty sisters of Mr. Bingley, whom I despise every time I read the book.
  • It is apparent from the first chapter that Elizabeth takes after her father, who is also headstrong and outspoken.
  • He loves to put his annoying wife in her place, but he does it in very humorous ways without being too nasty.
  • I get a lot of laughs out of Pride and Prejudice every time I read it, and most of those laughs are courtesy of Mr. Bennet.Finally, Mr. Darcy is infuriating and endearing at the same time.
  • In love with the main characters and totally adore the way Darcy does things for Elizabeth without her knowledge… A unique and decent Love story.


  • Style- This novel is written in Horatian satire because she wated to highlight the mannerisms of 18 th century through her characters like Mrs. Bennet being a foolish lady.
  • She easily conveyed her message using simple yet witty style.
  • Even we could find traces of Romanticism in this piece of writing.


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