the secret

About The Secret

  • The book explores about unveiling this little secret which may transform how people look at things and lead them on to the road of success and true happiness.
  • Many people know about the secret but they don’t share and spread it. But this book gives you a wisdom to know about yourself by thought process. Every body must read it to understand his life and how to live it.
  • Discover that you are the Michelangelo of your life, Your thoughts and emotions determine your life, You can make dramatic changes to your life by using the principles,be it wealth,health,relationships etc.
  • Really inspiring book, Quality of product is really good, Great hard bound cover.
  • According to the author, the book makes proper use of the ‘law of attraction’ and shows how positive thinking can open treasure trove of bountiful happiness, health and wealth.
  • If you want Happiness in your life, read this excellent book and implement it’s ideas. Read at least once in life time. 


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Length: 206

Size: 5Mb


Digital Edition (Hindi): ClickHere 1   ClickHere 2

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Length: 100

Size: 3MB


Paperback Edition:

1 English Version

2 Hindi Version (Available For India)

the secret