letter drafting

About Set-Rapidex Self Letter Drafting Course

  • This companion guide-book is intended as a concise, practical guide that teaches you how to draft imaginative, forceful, response-producing letters.
  • Every type of letter is written in this book which you can written in your life.
  • After reading this book, you will know style of  tone(Humbleness, angry etc..) of  writing letter.
  • After reading this book, There is no such letter  which you cannot writes.
  • The book covers almost every topic under the sun.
  • It covers topics including:
  1. greetings and congratulations
  2. thanks
  3. invitation
  4. condolence
  5. sympathy
  6. educational and office matters
  7. complaints and apologies
  8. job applications
  9. family matters and matrimonials
  10. business inquiries
  11. promoting goodwill and sales promotion
  12. orders of goods
  13. complaints and adjustments and goods transport and freight
  14. collection
  15. remittance
  16. circulars and trade reference and status inquiry
  17. agency
  18. export-import and foreign-trade and bank
  19. insurance
  20. post office
  21. personal and more.


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Length: 340

Size: 8MB


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