sex at dawn

About Sex At Dawn

  • Brilliant, funny, brave book about human sexuality that occasionally strays too far into academia in an attempt to defend its central theses.
  • It is s a detailed look at how human sexuality has evolved from pre-history through today.
  • It gives a great insight and comparison, but you should read it with an open mind, as it discusses both concepts of evolution, and religious beliefs.
  • Author does a good job of explaining why Humans are rarely ever successful at Monogamous relationships, and well worth the read for any open minded people looking for insight into the opposite sex.
  • Do you suspect we’re doing things wrong, sexually speaking? Why so much polemic and vitriol about how we lead our sexual lives? Why so much hate toward those who have different ways of living their sexual lives?
  • Get answers for these questions and much more, here in Sex at Dawn.



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