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About For Women Only 

  • Shaunti Feldhahn reveals what every woman—single or married—needs to know.
  • For-Women-Only is one book every husband wishes his wife would read! It is a practical, thought-provoking message that will show you what you should do – and not do – when it comes to your relationship with the man in your life.
  • The findings in these books about how men and women think are so enlightening.
  • Shaunti’s research, facts and stories in this little book create an incredible read for all women. Single, married, divorced or not even allowed to date yet should all read this and come to understand the key truths that will help in your relationship with any man.
  • Shaunti Feldhahn delivers one eye-opening revelation after another, including:
    • Why your respect means more to him than your love.
    • How he feels deep inside about his role as provider.
    • What it means for a man to be so visually “wired.”
    • Why sex for him is primarily emotional, not physical.
    • What he most wishes he could say to you.




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Paperback Edition:

1 For Women Only

2 For Couples Only (Gifted Edition: Include For-Women-Only & For-Men-Only both)

for women only